1. TERMS OF BUSINESS These terms are the only terms on which the Company accepts goods for processing and apply to all orders, whether or not specifically referred to at the time of ordering. In the event of a customer's order containing or being subject to conditions at variance with these terms, the latter shall prevail unless agreed in writing by one    of the Company’s Directors with a view to special terms being negotiated.No other variation of these terms shall be effective, and delivery of goods to us for processing shall be taken as your acceptance of these terms.

2. HAZARDS OF PROCESSING While every effort possible will be taken with processing the customer's work, customers are reminded of both the associated hazards of heat treatment, e.g. cracking, distortion, failure to respond to heat treatment, etc. and the effects of hardenability, sharp corners, segregation, machining history, section size, etc.

3. LIABILITY Because of the disparity between the Company's charges for heat treatment and the possible value of the items processed, the Company's liability for any loss or damage to goods sent for heat treatment, whether or not caused by negligence, is limited to three times the contract price or £500 which ever is the least. Any liability for any consequential losses (save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Company, its servants or agents) is expressly excluded.

4. CLAIMS AGAINST THE COMPANY The Company will normally test a small percentage of processed articles for conformity with specification.The customer will, however, check the quantity of goods and perform such further tests as are necessary to reveal any damage or departure from specification before any further work or processing is done on the goods, and in any event within 14 days of delivery.Losses of up to 3% are to be accepted as normal in processing large quantities of small parts and no claim shall lie against the Company in respect of any such loss.No responsibility is accepted for the return of cases/cartons/pallets but, wherever possible, these will be returned with the goods.For any claim to be considered the Company must be informed within 14 days of receipt of the goods and be given the opportunity of examining, testing and  wherever possible, rectifying them.For those customers requiring increased cover against the risk of damage or loss in excess of the above limitation, then, provided this is indicated prior to receipt of the goods for processing, the Company will be pleased to submit a revised quotation.When the Case Hardening or Nitride order states either verbally or in writing that certain areas are to be left soft.The items will be painted with proprietary stop off, unless otherwise requested. These paints are not 100% effective especially on deep cases.Therefore if base material hardness is required the item must be either:a) 1. Carburized
    2. Case machined off as required
    3. Then hardened
b)     Copper plate to 0.002" min the area required to be left soft prior to submitting the job.

5. DELIVERY DATE While every effort will be made to meet delivery dates, no liability can be accepted for any loss to the customer or any third party consequential on delay. In the case of late delivery the customer's sole remedy shall be to serve notice in writing on the Company requiring completion of the work within a specified period of not less than seven days. At the end of such period the customer shall be entitled to collect the goods whether or not processed and the Company shall be entitled to payment at the contract rate for all work done.

6. INSTALMENTS The Company may at its option make, and invoice separately, installment deliveries.

7. PAYMENT TERMS Net cash, 30 days following date of invoice, and the Company has a general lien on all goods in its possession for monies due. Should the Company be obliged to apply to the County Court for recovery of outstanding debts, an administration charge of £50.00 will be levied together with interest on the amount owing of 2.5% monthly.

8. QUOTATIONS Estimates only hold for 30 days and where given without sight of article(s) are provisional only. The Company has the right to amend any estimates or decline the contract after examination of samples of the goods in bulk.

9. SUB-CONTRACTING Unless specifically advised otherwise, the Company can, at its discretion, sub-contract or store on premises other than its own the whole or part of the contract.

10. LEGAL CONSTRUCTION This contract is governed by the law of England. Reg Co. Technoking Ltd. Registered in England No. 1844686 Reg address as per contact page.