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Hardening & tempering, Case hardening, Cyanide salt and gas, vacuum hardening, brazing annealing, normalizing & stress Relief in air, nitrogen,hydrogen, or vacuum, borideing, induction, flame hardening, and brazing, nitriding, tufftriding, AB1, Q-tuff, chemical blacking, phosphating, Mg and Zn parcolube shot blasting grit and glass bead solution Treating and precipitation shrink fitting .F1 Racing cars treatments, crack detection penetration and magnetic fluorescent, laboratory.

Heat Treatment and Brazing

Welcome to the Quantum website. A family company with two metallurgists, started in 1984, Quantum provide personalized and professional Heat Treatment and brazing services.

Fast turnaround is a matter of norm at Quantum. Our clients range from prestigious Formula One companies to the smaller local business.

99% of our work is from word of mouth and your confidence in us is our highest priority. We believe personal service is the key to our success. From our base in central England we mainly work on prototypes and development products but we can offer a wide range of processes for almost every need. With these facilities all in one place you will not have to search multple companies to complete your jobs.